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    Whether you are an established brand or your business is just starting to take off, it is important that you define your voice and communicate with your audience in a meaningful and authentic way. We can help through brand strategy planning, writing and designing creative and compelling collateral regardless of the medium used.

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    Whether it’s a new logo or a new website, a trade show booth or an advertisement project you have, we develop creative ideas and then make them a reality.

    Logos & Branding

    We create strong, creative and consistent branding strategies and corporate identity packages.

    Website Development

    Using the latest platforms we develop beautiful, content rich and responsive sites for our clients. Our sites allow our clients to easily make their own content edits – no coding skills required.

    Literature & Sales Tools

    Effectively helping you communicate your products and services with brochures, data sheets, newsletters or direct mail development.

    Print & Online Advertising

    We create well-designed and compelling print or animated online ads to increase lead generation and traffic.

    Pr Campaigns & Social Media

    We develop successful client PR campaigns – gaining you valuable exposure in your market. We can also develop and execute a social media strategy.


    And yes, we have fun!
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    Unlimited Possibilities

    How you market your particular brand, product and/or service has so many options. We can work with you to craft a unique marketing strategy that works.

    Quick & Easy to Work With

    As a nimble, creative and flexible team we are always fast to respond and we can work under any deadline.

    Updates & Support

    All our websites are built so that you can easily make updates to the content – with just an internet connection. Find you need a little help? We are happy to assist you with training or making the modifications for you.

    100% Responsive Design

    Website development has come a long way. We create all our sites to be responsive for any device – desktop to smartphone, so that your message is clear and consistent across any platform.

    Your Print Partner

    We have developed great relationships with a number of printers, ensuring you get the best quality print job at the best price. From brochures to postcards to pens we’ve got you covered.

    Clean & Modern Design

    From logos to literature, an email blast campaign, to advertising and your website, our goals are to deliver clean, fresh, unique and modern designs that help communicate your brand.

    Technical Writing

    We have experience in many industries and can help provide in-depth content and technical writing for your projects.

    Presentation & Event Support

    Whether you are just looking for a template, or a complete full blown presentation we can help determine the content and the design & layout that will perfectly suit your audience.

    Photograpy, Animations and Videography

    The trend is away from words and onto visuals – stunning ones. Beautiful photography and videography can help educate your customer and elevate your brand. We’ve directed and produced many of these types of projects and would be happy to show you samples.

    • Brain Storming

      We’ll review the purpose and goals of your website, define your target audience and review the branding guidelines. We’ll review websites that you admire and review necessary functionality.

    • Planning

      We’ll create a complete sitemap and review what elements are required for each section of your site. We’ll work out a schedule and get ready to dive in!

    • Development

      With all the pieces in place now it’s time to design. We’ll work up 2-3 home page design options using your content, photos and design elements. Once a design you love is selected, we’ll move forward with the full build… we are almost there!

    • Launch

      Before launch we do a complete test of the website to make sure that all of the elements work properly to make sure the user experience is optimal. Then, once it’s all tested and finalized, it’s time to show the world! At this point we’ll review how you can edit your own site, future maintenance and enhancements along with any complimentary services that go well with new website launches.

    We Are Professional

    Marketing Strategies

    We’ll work closely with you to make sure your marketing strategies will help you reach your goals. We can help determine what metrics are important and how you can help turn leads into delighted customers.

    Creative and Design

    Each member of our team has years of experience in the design field, a creative background and a shared love of great design.

    Unlimited Possibilities

    How you market your particular brand, product and/or service has so many options. We can work with you to craft a unique marketing strategy that works.

    Awesome Fun

    Marketing is FUN. We have a lot of fun with our projects – and it shows.

    Our Skills

    RGB, CMYK, PMS – don’t worry we know what all of that means and our expertise in the latest software programs will ensure your project is of the highest quality.

    WordPress & Joomla based websites along with HTML, CSS and jQuery100%
    InDesign, Quark and the Latest Creative Suite for Design/Graphics100%
    Photoshop Expertise 100%
    All Microsoft Office Programs100%
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    We build relationships. We take the time to understand, to educate and to really get to know our clients, and that separates us from the rest. Our ability to blend creativity, communication and technology is crucial to surviving the ever-changing landscape we happily navigate our clients through.

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    We create digital and print experiences that help people connect with your brand or service. We make sure your brand is represented in a way that fits your personality and business goals while making it easy for your audience to use, connect with, and find.

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    Our new website is well organized, gives the right balance of info, and really delivers who we are as a company. Thank you for getting it done so fast and being great to work with.

    Dan S.
    Dan S., VP of Operations

    Andrea and S!Y Communications are an excellent investment for your marketing and communications related projects. Their creativity and resourcefulness are unmatched. I was very pleased with their work and would gladly hire them again when the need arises.

    Scott M.
    Scott M., Senior Manager

    The graphics in the booth are stunning. They have drawn a lot of attention. People just constantly stop, stare and take a picture! Good stuff, thanks for your help.

    Carl J.
    Carl J., President
    Direct Mail
    Email Marketing
    Email Marketing

    How to get more fans & followers to join your email list

    March 22, 2016
    Why do so many companies employ email marketing? Email marketing is inexpensive. It is flexible, offering infinite variation. It provides excellent analytics. It has a proven track record to continuously reach audiences of any size and interest. In the business world, results are arguably all that matters. With this in mind, the main reason that most businesses invest in email marketing is the fantastic return on investment. For every $1 spent on email marketing, $44.25 is the average return on investment. A number of sources have suggested that this is better than any other platform. So with that said, here’s some helpful information to keep in mind in your email marketing strategy. Here are some ways to grow your contact list: Make it easy for people to sign up: Make your email sign-up form available on all of your social channels. You can include a sign up on Facebook and other social media pages, allow people to “text to join”, create a sign up tool on your websites and more. Give your emails visibility: Share your newsletters and announcements on social media and on your website to extend your reach and attract new readers. Offer an incentive: Create a special offer, discount or host a raffle or sweepstakes that encourages fans and followers to join your email list. Keep your content useful to your readers, and you will keep them engaged in your emails: Treat Your Readers Like VIP’s– Your subscribers should be excited to receive your emails.  Alert your subscribers first to new product or sales. Keep the Content Useful– People will not open an email that doesn’t provide them with benefits.  Make sure the content you give subscribers is new and interesting.  The goal of your email should be to keep your customers happy and loyal. Show Your Personality–  Your voice, tone and sense of humor are part of the reason why your reason your customers signed up with you in the first place.  Use your personality to increase opens and drive traffic to your site. Keep Your Content Simple and Short– Write for ‘scannability’.  Mobile users prefer short emails (which will increase the click-through rate).  Emphasize key offers and messages with emphasis (bold).  Use one idea per paragraph.  Don’t write in full sentences when a phrase can communicate the idea just as well. Use the right tone of voice– Using words like “you” and “your” make the reader feel like the message was directed at them.  Try to excite the reader’s emotions. Make sure you are mobile! A recent study showed 79% of responders have their smartphones with them 22 hours per day, and today over 45% of emails are opened up on mobile devices. We handle email marketing campaigns for a number of different clients from consumer to business to business. Need help crafting your email marketing strategy and its implementation? Contact us for a review of your goals and how we can help you reach them.

    Why you need a mobile friendly “responsive” website

    March 1, 2016
    Why you need a mobile friendly “responsive” website With 2.08 billion smartphone users predicted for 2016 and a recent study showing that 79% of responders have their smartphones with them on average of 22 hours a day, now is the time for every website to be mobile friendly. This allows users to easily navigate around your site while using a mobile device. There are two major methods for creating mobile websites: responsive design and mobile templates. Responsive design requires you only have one website that is coded to adapt to all screen sizes, no matter what the device the website’s being displayed on. In contrast, a mobile template is a completely separate entity requiring you to have a second, mobile-only website or subdomain. Mobile templates are also built for each specific site, not per screen size. This can cause some issues, so now generally all of our website are built to be “responsive” sites – so that it scales down automatically with different devices, such as phones, tablets, different desktop sizes or a mobile app that shows website content in a slightly different way. Here are 7 important reasons why you need to make sure your site is viewable on different devices. #1 Not having a mobile friendly website will effect your search position. You will simply rank lower in search results. Google has announced that mobile websites have become an official ranking factor, forcing the hand of all online businesses to react. Expect to see a decrease in organic search results and a loss in mobile search if you haven’t updated yet. #2 Users will click off your website quickly if they are having a bad user experience because they have to zoom in, links are hard to click on or the site navigation is unclear. This will cause a high bounce rate and affect your conversion rates. #3 Not having a mobile friendly website makes your company looks less reputable, or behind with the times. #4 Having a website optimized for smartphone users will increase load times and data can be seen sooner, rather than waiting for a whole desktop website to upload with increased data from graphics, images and code files. #5 Using search functions on mobile devices has also seen a huge rise. Users are always looking for the search bar on relative sites for information, products or services. The search function should be clear, designed well and easy to use. We recommend the search function available on all pages near the top of the website. #6 Customer engagement stats from a Google document: What users want most from mobile sites today revealed; -74 percent say they are likely to return to a company’s site in the future, if it is a mobile-friendly site. -48 percent feel frustrated and annoyed if a company doesn’t have a mobile-friendly site. -52 percent are less likely to engage with a company that has no mobile website. #7 Decision making with business owners is now taking place with the use of smartphones in meeting rooms across the globe.

    Making the “leap” into public speaking

    February 29, 2016
    It’s Leap Day and a fitting day to talk about my recent leap into public speaking. I had the honor and pleasure of speaking at the Plastics News Executive Forum that was held a couple weeks ago in Naples, FL. The Conference was attended by 200+ leaders (CEO and Presidents) within the plastics industry. I spoke about the latest developments in marketing, 5 target areas you can take advantage of with a limited budget, and how the digital marketing tools that are now available have made being in marketing so exciting over the last 5 years. The 5 areas I covered were: 1) The new website designs and platforms that allow clients to be their own content marketing champions by being able to update content easily themselves. 2) The ways you can take advantage of social media to nurture your client and prospect relationships. 3) How to save money on printing brochures and other literature. 4) The power of PR and how to take advantage of this opportunity to share your company news and developments with the press. 5) Email marketing and how the analytics tools that allow you track open, click through and conversion rates help you to craft messages that speak to your audience and prompt action.    It was an excellent conference and I learned a lot by being a part of it. If you are interested in learning more about these areas or would like a copy of my presentation just email me at Read about my presentation here. I’ll be speaking next at the Marketing Summit held just outside of Chicago in May (and maybe one of these days I wont feel so darn nervous about getting in front of hundreds of people!) I plan to do a bit more leaping into my blogs as well – and will create posts about each of these 5 areas in the coming months. Stay tuned!  
    Direct Mail

    What are the secrets to successful direct mail?

    November 27, 2012
    With so much experience designing and printing direct mailers we thought we’d share with you some insight on creating a successful campaign. Write a great headline. If your headline doesn’t capture a reader’s attention, it doesn’t matter what else you’ve written, it won’t get read. The reason is simple, your prospect will decide whether or not to keep reading based on your headline. Write a lot of headlines and read them out loud. We’ll even help you get it right. Just call us. Get your letter or your flyer opened, and most importantly, get it read! Personalize your messages. Address your customer by name. Write your copy as if you are talking to a friend. Use short words and sentences. Use the words “you” and “yours” a lot. Write about benefits, not features. Identify and write about what your customer needs and wants, not what you do. Your prospect doesn’t care about your company, except how you can help him. Make a clear offer of value. Give the reader something. Make it worth their while to read your offer. Give them a great deal, advice, education or amusement. Ask for action. Always ask your customers to order, call, or come in… the sooner the better. Offer incentives and deadlines to act immediately. Advertise regularly. Repeat Mailing = Increased Response. Give your target market time to hear, recognize, and trust you and your offer. Keep your message consistent. For some great ideas on marketing your business here’s an excellent article we thought we’d share with you from Forbes: Small Business + Small Marketing = Really Big Losses  

    Direct mail works – even Google uses it

    November 27, 2012
    From one of the largest on-line advertiser in the world comes a printed and mailed direct mail campaign. Why – because it works. We design and print direct mailers for our clients every month. Here are just a few reasons they use direct mail: Direct mail allows you to access your target market directly. Mailing list providers can offer so many parameters allowing you to effectively reach your prime targets. Great visibility – postcards are tangible, they can be shared, and although there are those who forget to check all their email accounts – who forgets to check their mailbox? Website and emails can’t compete with the tactile appeal a direct mail piece has. Promotions, exclusive offers and expiration dates motivate people to act. You can create customized messages. With simple black plate ink changes, you can tailor your direct mail creative to different lists — best customers, lapsed customers, even prospects. There is something magical about seeing your name in print. And when a name is cleverly incorporated into a mail piece, the result can be increased sales. Personalization techniques can include working the recipient’s name into a headline, or calling attention to products he or she has previously purchased. There was a time when personalization was so expensive that it could cripple your ROI. But today’s technology has made print personalization easier and more affordable. Contact us to learn about what new options are available.  Its effective. A recent ExactTarget study conducted by Ball State University revealed that while e-mail plays a vital role in marketing communications, direct mail is still a dominant, prominent purchase driver for different types of customers. In some cases, 70% to 90% of survey respondents made a purchase based on receiving direct mail — for all age groups. Direct mail doesn’t get caught in a spam filter!

    We love color!

    October 2, 2012
    CMYK, PMS, RGB… What does it all mean? We love color. It’s exciting – and fun to work with but if you’re a novice at creating marketing materials all the color jargon may be hard to figure out. If you’ve been around designers or printers at all, you’ve likely heard conversation around CMYK, RGB and PMS. What does that all mean – especially that PMS one… Here is some information for you to make complex color theories easier… CMYK – this stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. The four colors used in the printing process. If you were reading this piece in a printed magazine, you would be reading it in a CMYK color space. In “four-color process” (CMYK) printing, primary colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) are mixed together to produce most of the colors that you see in magazines and color books. CYMK is what the vast majority of commercial printers do but isn’t always color accurate and colors may deviate from job to job. PMS – this stands for Pantone Matching System. This is a way to select a very certain color and ensure its consistency throughout your printed piece or from print job to print job. These specific color formulas will reproduce accurately in print. Instead of simulating colors by combining primary colors, spot (PMS) colors are pre-mixed with existing and published color formulas. “Spot” colors refer to the actual printing process by which they are applied. Some PMS colors are not reproducible using CMYK so if exact color is a must – PMS is the only way to go. It is possible to have spot colors that actually have no color to them at all. Spot varnishes are glossy or dull varnishes applied to specific areas in a printed piece to achieve specific results. A quick tidbit, Coca Cola as an example will never EVER print its brand coca cola red in CMYK in any of its packaging, because they want to always have that pure bold red. RGB – this refers to Red, Green, Blue and is a term for on screen color. If you are reading this, you are reading an RGB display via your computer. The three colors that create every other tone of color that is visible on your screen. There is no black or white ‘color’. Neither is there yellow or purple. They are all a combination of red, green and blue. “The only color I don’t have is navy brown.” Yogi Berra “Colour is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.” Claude Monet