google-direct-mailFrom one of the largest on-line advertiser in the world comes a printed and mailed direct mail campaign. Why – because it works. We design and print direct mailers for our clients every month. Here are just a few reasons they use direct mail:

  1. Direct mail allows you to access your target market directly. Mailing list providers can offer so many parameters allowing you to effectively reach your prime targets.
  2. Great visibility – postcards are tangible, they can be shared, and although there are those who forget to check all their email accounts – who forgets to check their mailbox? Website and emails can’t compete with the tactile appeal a direct mail piece has.
  3. Promotions, exclusive offers and expiration dates motivate people to act.
  4. You can create customized messages. With simple black plate ink changes, you can tailor your direct mail creative to different lists — best customers, lapsed customers, even prospects.
  5. There is something magical about seeing your name in print. And when a name is cleverly incorporated into a mail piece, the result can be increased sales. Personalization techniques can include working the recipient’s name into a headline, or calling attention to products he or she has previously purchased. There was a time when personalization was so expensive that it could cripple your ROI. But today’s technology has made print personalization easier and more affordable. Contact us to learn about what new options are available. 
  6. Its effective. A recent ExactTarget study conducted by Ball State University revealed that while e-mail plays a vital role in marketing communications, direct mail is still a dominant, prominent purchase driver for different types of customers. In some cases, 70% to 90% of survey respondents made a purchase based on receiving direct mail — for all age groups.
  7. Direct mail doesn’t get caught in a spam filter!
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