With so much experience designing and printing direct mailers we thought we’d share with you some insight on creating a successful campaign.

  • Write a great headline. If your headline doesn’t capture a reader’s attention, it doesn’t matter what else you’ve written, it won’t get read. The reason is simple, your prospect will decide whether or not to keep reading based on your headline. Write a lot of headlines and read them out loud. We’ll even help you get it right. Just call us.
  • Get your letter or your flyer opened, and most importantly, get it read! Personalize your messages. Address your customer by name. Write your copy as if you are talking to a friend. Use short words and sentences. Use the words “you” and “yours” a lot.
  • Write about benefits, not features. Identify and write about what your customer needs and wants, not what you do. Your prospect doesn’t care about your company, except how you can help him.
  • Make a clear offer of value. Give the reader something. Make it worth their while to read your offer. Give them a great deal, advice, education or amusement.
  • Ask for action. Always ask your customers to order, call, or come in… the sooner the better. Offer incentives and deadlines to act immediately.
  • Advertise regularly. Repeat Mailing = Increased Response. Give your target market time to hear, recognize, and trust you and your offer. Keep your message consistent.

For some great ideas on marketing your business here’s an excellent article we thought we’d share with you from Forbes:

Small Business + Small Marketing = Really Big Losses



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