Understanding the Engagement Marketing Cycle

By siycom 8 years ago

Let’s walk through the Engagement Marketing Cycle and apply it to our real lives, and how it can help in your strategy. So you have a business. Whether it’s a brick and mortar place or an office or even virtual, this is your business.

It starts when people come and do business with you and they have a great “wow” experience with you. We all know they are going to tell two friends or 10 friends or whatever if it is a bad experience. But the same is true in reverse.

While they are still in your store or place of business, or soon after you have interaction, you should entice them to stay in touch. Ask them to join your “croissant of the month” club or tell them your email subscribers get 10% off every time – however you want to do it, get the contacts in.

Now, engage. Send emails, post on Facebook, tweet, make it human, make it real, be yourself. Also make sure you are giving them ways to tell friends easily – with the social share bar and by ASKING.

Those people come back – did you know that a repeat customer spends on average 67% more than a new one?

They bring friends, people learn about you on social media through continued engagement and NEW customers arrive – on their own or with those happy, engaged customers. Now you have another chance to deliver a “wow” experience and to keep the cycle going.

This grows over time. It starts small, but it begins to take hold and you realize that you know your customers. You are authentically engaging with them. That drives more people to your place, and the cycle continues to feed itself.

Do you need help crafting the strategy and the communication tools to help you reap these benefits? Contact us for more information on how we can help you put a program together that will fuel this cycle.


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