A video campaign can bring your marketing to life

By siycom 8 years ago

An excellent way to tell your company’s story is through marketing videos.   They support your sales staff presentations with compelling information.   They enhance Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by attracting new online followers.   They motivate your employees by sharing strategic plans. And they bring in new leads by providing current and potential customers with new reasons to do business with your company.

YOU CAN BE YOUR OWN BEST VIDEOGRAPHER.   We all recall a short time ago when making a “corporate video“ meant engaging a specialized video writer to research and draft a script and then engaging an experienced video company with videographers, studios and millions of dollars in equipment to produce a competent video.   No longer. Today, with virtually every employee carrying a smart phone with HD quality video capability and GoPro cameras everywhere, getting access to raw video footage could not be easier.   The job now is to collaborate with your marketing company to help you to develop a strategic plan for shooting and producing your videos and then to edit and distribute them for you.

QUALITY MATTERS.   Virtually all industries, probably including many of your competitors, are making videos to grow their business.   Studies have shown that the vast majority of marketers agree that video provides the best marketing tool.   And you don’t need to have a large marketing staff to do it. But you do need to do it right. Studies also have shown that a majority of consumers react negatively to poorly produced videos.   You have built your company on quality products and services, and you need a quality video that will make that point.

A VIDEO IS WORTH MANY THOUSAND WORDS. Online, videos receive three times more clicks than articles not using video.   A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth many times more than that.   If you are looking for customer leads through your website and you only have words and still pictures on it, you are missing an opportunity.   Companies that place videos right on their landing page have reported a several-fold increase in direct contacts from potential customers.

VIDEOS ARE CREDIBLE.   Videos greatly impact the way your audiences view your company’s integrity and credibility.   They educate your customers and prospects about what you do and how you do it.   They help to make you and your company appear to be experts or spokesmen for the industry that you represent. “How to” videos that show how one of your customers greatly improved their process by using your product or service are winners. Viewers always give the highest score to customer endorsements that also show how the customer benefitted by working with your company.  Three quarters of millennials look for videos to answer their questions.

FREQUENCY AND CONSISTENCY.   One of the newest successful techniques for regular communications with your marketplace is “vlogs”: video blogs.   These are short video stories produced on a steady schedule, perhaps as often as weekly, for your website. They don’t have to be very complicated but they do need to be well done. A quality series of 60-second or 120-second video blogs appearing weekly or bi-weekly can rapidly develop a fan base of people who matter to your business, and perhaps “go viral” for you as well.    Vlogs also lend themselves to use on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and particularly YouTube.

S!Y Communications has been producing marketing videos for our clients for many years.   Click here to see some of our recent work. Let us know how we can help you with your video marketing.

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